Uttily for Real Estate

Bespoke solutions for everyday problems

Tailored options for your specific market
Meeting unique requirements
Specialist reporting systems

Digital first platform

Spanning billing solutions for all utilities
Simplifying spend for businesses and their customers
Reducing admin costs and saving time

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Responding to the shift away from traditional practices

Offering innovative portfolio strategies
Transparency in energy supply
Account management and staff training programmes

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Offering a spectrum of products

Offerings that complement power and gas
Added value initiatives for you and your staff
Our support for diversifying your revenue streams

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Tailoring our offer to your needs

Our BlackBox approach to working with Real Estate customers can lead to maximising revenue

We are powering FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies worldwide


Keep ahead of the competition. Discover the latest developments in the world of Uttily.

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Make business spend even simpler.

Bundle utilities to reduce spend and access benefits for your business, your customers and your staff.

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Why Uttily for Real Estate?

As a ‘digital first’ platform spanning billing solutions for power, gas, water, telecoms, renewable energy, metering assets and financial services, the Uttily vision is to ‘simplify spend’ for business and consumers worldwide.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution and we provide a tailored range of options to suit individual businesses and teams Our approach, focused on flexibility, efficient service and a customer-centric approach, will disrupt the traditional marketplace and challenge existing practices and norms.

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