Uttily for Leisure

Simplifying spend for hospitality specialists.

Be agile
Lower costs
Maximise revenue

Simplify spend

We can help you reduce your spend on power, gas, telecoms and water
Clear, simple and paperless billing. Dedicated account managers.
No call centres.

Be eco-friendly

Sustainability is vital.
We are 100% paperless, 100% renewable so you can be too

Control data

Market Intelligence matters.
Do you know how much you are over-spending by with your business utilities? 
Be in the driving seat with digital reporting.

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Easy Online Account Management

Administration made simple. Access your bills, update your meter and manage payments.

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We are powering FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies worldwide

Uttily for leisure

We can help you with:

  • Accounting & smart payroll solutions
  • Employee benefits programme
  • Customer benefits programme
  • Sustainability improvement initiatives
  • Digital reporting
  • Consulting services – renewable energy, water, telecoms
Make your business spend even simpler.

Bundle your utilities to reduce spend and access benefits for your business, your customers and your staff.

Why Uttily for Leisure?

If experience itself is the heart of the leisure industry, then add lustre to yours with Uttily. Our bespoke, company-branded initiatives will improve employee motivation and client engagement. We replace pointless bureaucracy with tailor-made digital solutions. So you can focus on delivering value and efficiency to your customers.

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